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To provide a pathway into the vastness of God's wonderful creation where you can escape from the routine of everyday life and journey in a world of amazing beauty and adventure. It is our hope that you will be both renewed and inspired by your experience, as we invite you to tread on the very threshold of life...life at Timberline.

The point of elevation in a mountainous region where the growing season becomes too short to sustain trees.
(This is due to the extreme environment of snow, wind, ice, and lack of available moisture). Timberline marks the edge of life for growing timber.

Living in a forest of trees may be easier or more familiar, but along with that come distractions that obstruct our view of the summit. Come tarry with us at timberline where the view becomes unobstructed, and one is able to clearly see the terrain he has traveled and the summit ahead. Nevertheless, you are out of your natural element here; just like the trees. You may experience fear and anxiety, as you find yourself ill equipped; out of solutions, ideas and energy, and maybe even out of hope of reaching the summit. But you are not lost, for there is someone who knows the way. All creation has pointed to Him, it is Jesus our Shepherd. He can bare your burdens as you travel. He can provide the vision when you feel like giving up, and most importantly he can give direction to the summit. That unmarked path you travel has not changed, nor the danger and elements that surround you, but you have changed, because now you have hope, as you allow Him to lead you up.

May the God of this universe greatly bless you,
Dave French

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