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The above red, white, and in this case blue stripes on the colored pole above was the traditional symbol of the
old time barber shop. The sign originally signified a place where blood letting and bandaging was available.
For centuries, it was a common belief that when a person became ill, one of the best methods of treatment
was to puncture a vein and draw out a pint or more of his blood. This art was for the barbers. One
encyclopedia states that back in the middle ages, doctors considered dissection beneath their dignity, thus they
left this to the ignorant barbers, who were called 'barber surgeons'. The red and white stripes represented
blood and bandages. Today, however, times have changed, We seldom see an evidence of blood in a barber
shop nor do we ever see any fresh white bandages on customers as they emerge from a barber chair. These
old poles, yes, even the modern electrical barber stripes are fast disappearing from our barber shops. The
above is a rare image that reminds us of times gone by.
Blood letting seems barbaric today, but donating blood to the American Red Cross or at your local medical
facility can save lives. But the ultimate shedding of blood for the sake of the many was done by Jesus Christ
two thousand years ago, for He paid the ultimate price for the sins of the world. Only through Him can we
have true life. Life Eternal!

1 John 1:7
But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus,
his Son, purifies us from all sin. (NIV)
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