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Mt Shasta is known to many as the Mt Everest of California. It dominates the skyline in the Northern California region, rising 10,000 vertical feet above it's base to a height of 14,179 feet. It can be seen from over a hundred miles away. Shasta is the second highest of all the Cascade volcanoes, just behind Mt Rainier.  Even though many people come to Mt Shasta for skiing and other outdoor activities, mountain climbing is recognized as the main recreational attraction of Shasta. Over 15,000 people each year put their skills to the test in an attempt to reach it's lofty 14,179 foot summit, but only a third of this number actually reach their goal according to statistics. Mount Shasta also holds the honor of being one of California's 15 fourteen thousand footers. So it holds an interest to those working to complete the goal of climbing all 15 of those peaks as well.

At Timberline Trails, we are dedicated to adding many more slideshows in order to showcase more of God's wondrous creation. We hope you have enjoyed the above slide show of Mt Shasta.

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