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Winter in the Sierra Nevada - is a very special time. The crowds are gone and there is a beautiful silence along with incredible beauty during this time of year. The words "Sierra Nevada" are Spanish for "Snowy Mountain," a name well earned due to the amout of snow that falls in the Sierra Nevada.

Heavy snow falls during most winters, and there are many permanent snow patches and several small glaciers. The Sierra Nevada has earned the name "Snowy Mountian" because it is the second snowiest mountain range on the North American Continent. There is such heavy snowfall during the winter and spring months that the resulting snowpack is equaled only in the Pacific Northwest.

During the winter months, the air is crystal clear and this makes for wonderful oportunities for photography. It somehow makes getting out there with your camera and enduring the cold temperatures worth the effort. There is always something very majestic about mountains that are covered in a fresh blanket of snow.

In the above slideshow, you will see images that have been taken during the winter months from both perspectives of the ground and from the air. The aerial photos are especially exciting, because they capture areas that are seldom seen during the winter due to their remote hard to get to locations.

So sit back, turn up your speakers, and adjust the slideshow to full screen and enjoy a trip through the Sierra Nevada during the beautiful season of winter!

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