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Mt Rainier is the highest of the Cascade Volcano's. Above is a Slide Show of a Climb up Mt Rainier via the Ingraham Direct Route. This is a very popular route for early season on the peak. Later in the season (August and September) the route becomes broken up with crevasses which makes it much more difficult to navigate. The preferred route then changes to the Disappointment Cleaver to avoid the difficulties of the broken direct route.

Mt Rainier has become an irresistible attraction for climbers from all over the world. Steep glacial ice, crevasses, serious elevation gains, and much much more have challenged climbers of all abilities over the many years since the first documented climb on August 17, 1870, by General Hazard Stevens and Philemon Beecher Van Trump.

Due to the heavy snowfall on the slopes on Mt Rainier (mentioned above), the mountain sports 26 major glaciers covering more than 35 square miles, and claims the title of the largest single-mountain glacier system in the United States outside of Alaska.

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