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Autumn, is by far, my favorite time of year. It is a transition time where the heat of summer gives way to the season of fall. This happens as the days grow shorter and the nights grow longer. But the "Indian Summer" type days and cooler nights are not the only reason I enjoy this time of year so much, it is also because the changing light, temperature, and other factors set off a biochemical process in the foilage that paint the landscape with a display of color and beauty that is far beyond our human ability to describe. It is this succession of warm sunny days along with cool crisp (but not freezing) nights, that bring about the most spectacular colors of autumn.

Creating lasting memories during this time of year is one of the most satisfying pleasures for any outdoor photographer, and during peak autumn season, you will see photo enthusiasts lined up with their tripods clicking away in hopes of capturing that award winning image. But no matter if you are a professional photographer, a serious amateur, or just out there to have fun with your point and shoot pocket device, fall colors have something to offer everyone. So get outdoors and get off the beaten path, or travel down that little lane just off the main highway, and start making your own memories during this most wonderful time of year!!

Dave French