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Mount Whitney is the highest peak in the contiguous United States. Reaching an elevation of 14,508 ft, it towers more than 10,000 vertical feet above the Owens Valley, and because of its lofty position, Mt Whitney is considered the most sought after peak in all of North America. This fact sends over 30,000 people each year to its slopes in an effort to conquer the peak.

The above slideshow is just a sampling of some of the wonderful things you will see if you decide to take on the adventure of going to the top of Mt Whitney. You will see photos from your starting point at Whitney Portal along with all the popular campsites as you proceed up the mountain. All this finishes up with some spectacular views from Trail Crest as well as some great sights from the Summit of Mt Whitney.

At Timberline Trails, we purpose to add many more slide shows in order to showcase more of God's wondrous creation. We hope you have enjoyed the above slide show of Mt Whitney.

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