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The Whitney Video -starts out in the Meadows area of the Mt Whitney trail, and continues all the way to the 14,505 ft summit. It is the highest peak in the continental United States. Along the way you will see detailed video of the surrounding landscape and key points of interest.

The Mt Whitney Trail is nothing short of excellent. The original trail builders and current maintenance crews have (and continue) to keep the trail in great shape. Probably the most note worthy section is the 99 switchbacks that lead from Trail Camp to Trail Crest. This 2.2 mile section is what most people remember about the trail. The trail here gains 1,700 feet very quickly. It also contains the infamous cables section that lies between the above mentioned two points of interest.

The video was taken by my brother Chris French in September 6, 1996. Back in those days we took off on adventures wearing jeans, and T-shirts, and many other cotton items. This is certainly contrary to my current recommendations (as noted on the Main Whitney page and other areas of Timberline Trails), which states that you should never wear cotton in the mountains or on any other wilderness outing. High tech clothing has come a long way since then.  

You will see that we had a lot of fun on our Mt Whitney outing, and you will see some of the little side line adventures in the video. For three of the young men in the video, Andrew, Adam, and Matt, this was their first introduction into hiking on a large scale mountain.

Whitney is a great way to get started in mountaineering, and by exploring the side links, you will be able to obtain a whole lot more information on what will be required to get to the top of Mt Whitney if you decide to take the trip. But in the meantime, take a little time out and enjoy the video.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but a video is worth 10,000!

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